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Today I have not even left the house. I had delusions about going to the gym but it’s a 5 minute cycle away!

I watched half of Farenheit 9/11 which doesn’t paint a pretty picture of George Bush but I don’t think anyone needs a film to tell them Bush is not fit to run the US.

I’ve done nothing much today just as in this picture a long time ago.

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  1. My elder sister has filled me in about the girl in this photo:

    Just to fill you in on the photo on your site. Although I don’t keep in touch with Annika I did see Marie a few years ago and she told me that Annika had a clothing business in Brick Lane. Her and her business partner buy second hand clothes from jumble sales and recut and resew them to create new outfits. John and I called in when we were passing a few years ago to say hello. I hadn’t seen her since we were 11 and it was hard to recognise each other. Her business is doing very well and I’ve read about it in magazines, I also put Heidi in touch with her when she was doing some styling work for the UK eurovision entry a few years ago.

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