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I nearly convinced myself that my legs wouldn’t be able to carry me on the walk today due to them having a serious work out on Thursday at my first Shotokai Karate lesson. Somehow I managed to force myself out from bed at the ungodly hour of 7am on a Saturday for my first walk with the Hill Walking society.

Helvellyn, in the Lake District, was the setting. I opted to the 2nd easiest walk which took us over a distance of 15km and a height of 900m. I didn’t realise how unprepared I was, or should I say unfit? The first 3 hours involved a slow ascent to Striding Edge:

We were rewarded with panoramic views, to our east was the valleys from where we had climbed, to our west you could just make out the sea, I guess the Irish sea.

We scrambled up the narrow ridge of Striding Edge to the peak of Helvellyn which was shrouded in cloud. The mist and high winds remained with us until we began our descent an hour and a half later after our 2nd mini-lunch stop.

My legs were about to fall off when I saw the heavenly site of a pub. Ordered a beer and Beckham scored the 2nd goal for England against Wales.


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  1. Nick, the photos show EXACTLY where I was hiking with you in my dream! Funky stuff, eh? Uncanny, really (if uncanny means what I think it means) Steinunn:)

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