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Monthly Archives: December 2004


After owning my camera for over a year and a half I’ve only just realised that it is possible to control the shutter speed. So here’s a pic I took when I was on my way home from the station between Christmas and New Year.

Click here to see larger size

Marc and I went to see Middlesbrough vs Aston Villa at the Riverside stadium.

Tamp O Claus by Rob Manuel for

Today I started a new module about business enterprise. It contains the same old management material and we had to do essential group activities like seeing who could build the tallest structures from balloons and cellotape.

Also we received our results from the Belbin questionairre we completed a couple of weeks ago. My character profile says:

Possesses all-round leadership characteristics. Has the features of a high profile manager. Should be in a job where he can use his acquired knowledge. Keen to follow a professional career path. Like to be at the forefront in a leading management role. Likes to be in a job where he has some authority. Has a capacity for self motivation.

I would agree with the self motivation bit but the other stuff is not me really. The team role profile says I am a Shaper and a Specialist and I says “You are probably so respected for what you know that your expertise is seldom challenged”. Umm, not sure about that one either.

What i feel like after the last week of work.


Dr. Song has just posted the requirements for the report and presentation one day before they are due in ;)

ADB (WIS) – Viva