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This week a crowd of us helped Lydia celebrate her 22nd birthday by visiting the usual bars with a rather early departure from the southside to the ghetto, straight into Walkabout. No live band, but a DJ who is guaranteed to play the identical cheesy tracks that the band would have passionately yet nauseatingly played anyway. Here’s Lydia styling one her many bags that doubles up as a handy photo prop.

So what else? Started a new module, did the nodding of the head routine whereby your head slowly drops, eye-lids close and suddenly five seconds later you re-awake with a violent jerk, and you feel as if everybody, including the lecturer, is looking in your direction. I left halfway through for sleep as it would have only became more embarrassing and besides, my brain was not receiving input, it wanted to close down, hit the rhythms of Circadia.

Last night a few friends and I went to a Ceilidh, a Scottish dancing evening held by Ustinov college (the postgraduate college here in Durham). I managed one dance, if you can call it that, which consisted of turn-based repeated sequence of dance moves that went on for what seemed a bloomin’ long time.

Oh and I’ve just tried writing my CV on the off-chance that I apply for employment somewhere sometime soon. It’s naff so this week I’m attending a session provided by the Durham careers service on how to write the perfect CV. I am torn between getting a real job or having a go at business venture with some friends. I definitely do not want a real job, they scare me, but I know it is the more sensible option. But what happens if I have a go at running a business for a year and it goes nowhere? No one will want to employ me after that, I haven’t had a job in years, I need some real experience. Or does having a go at business constitute worthwhile experience? If anybody knows then please give me guidance.

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    • Posted Monday, 24 January 2005 at 7:41 pm
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    only you decide whether what you do constitutes a sensible or worthwhile experience. it’s your experience. with good vibes and good company any venture you undertake will become both. so go for it … whatever it is:)

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