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After seeing that Steve has updated the look of his blog, I thought I would too. I wouldn’t say it looks much different except for the sidebar to the right. I’m experimenting with adding pics there at the mo. I’ve removed the the live webcam feed of Durham Cathedral and the daily quote feed. Instead friends, housies, (ex)palatinites, I’ve trawled through the photos I have of you, cropped til I dropped and put them over here ————->
The pics currently at the top were taken whilst at Goldie Lookin’ Chain gig on Monday night at Northumberland Uni. None of the band I’m afraid, they’re all too ugly, and Welsh ( I’m 1/4 welsh so can say that), to feature.

Last Saturday, Steinunn and I went to the theatre luvvie. The Australian Dance Company, who were 1/5th Japanese too, put on a performance at Newcastle Theatre Royal called BirdBrain. Some dances were more of a contortion act, some martial arts mixed with ballet or breakdance, set to electronica that at one point, with a doppler bass sound and pounding bass drum, sent me into a trance and I nodded off. Must have been a combination of wine and the previous traipse around the Eldon shopping centre, because the dancing was anything but dull.


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