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  1. Ensure that the votes it (receipt) contains are included in the final tally
  2. Ensures the integrity of the election against whatever incorrectly-behaving machines or people might do to surreptitiously change votes
  3. Greatly enhances voter satisfaction and confidence
  4. Eliminates need for trusted voting machine
  5. Reciepts improve robustness over devices that must be trusted
  6. Failures can be detected at the polls in time to prevent lost votes
  7. Votes that receipts contain can be counted no matter what happens to the machines
  8. Significantly more efficient and more effective integrity assurance
  9. Ensures access while improving confidence and turnout
  10. Receipts can safely be shown for checking to anyone
  11. Protects privacy and ballot secrecy
  12. Ensures that there is a one-to-one correspondence between receipts and ballot images
  13. Yields far greater assurance and reduces overall costs compared to current systems
  14. Voters can verify their own ballots
  15. Ensures that if your receipt is correctly posted that your vote will be included correctly in the tally
  16. Physical evidence of failures in not properly posting receipt ensure that breakdowns of the election process are not missed
  17. Voter privacy is ensured
  18. Highly improbable that a vote can be change unnoticed

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