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I’ve had a work-free week so far. Wednesday is the last day of lectures before the Easter break, I get 21 days, which makes me very happy! I’m gonna start work on my final project during the holiday, to give myself a headstart, as I know studying during the summer will prove to be a difficult task, to remain indoors when the sun is shining …



  1. wow, your organisational skills, reliabilty and dedication to your studies, as well as your parcimonious, straight forward blogs never cease to be to me a source of endless admiration and respect. and you knows it. come holiday-wednesday your insights into (sights into? or use double preposition?) the advantages of working while others holiday may have had a good effect on me, and i too can study while others … don’t.

  2. oh and i lurve this thingy on the top of the thingy, the thing i can click on to see if friends have blogged more recently, without having to search too much and open pages, you know? you know, on the bar thingy. love it love it love it. the guy who blogs fun stuff from the usa just bought vanilla toothpaste and is loving it. i might not have known that were it not for the thingy on the bar at the top of the webpage page. sorry for all the technical jargon, hope you understand.

  3. why was i not made aware of this site a long time ago? i have a new source of recreation. top marks on presentation old boy! this is the sexiest blog i have ever seen!–>

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