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On a walk that had no particular destination, just the rule to follow the river whatever, we stumbled across this railway bridge with “very nice architecture” and lots more beside.

No matter what, nothing would get in the way of our walk beside the river, so when greeted with a sign saying ‘No’ that we guessed meant the end of the public footpath, ‘No Entry’, we hopped over the fence, across a stream, and into no man’s land. Anticipating a confrontation with a farmer and his shotgun, we stuck to the low lying almost sandy beach-like shore line of the river that hid us from view from most vantage points in the undulating pastures. Anyway, I’m going on a bit, read stpie for the rest of the walk culminating in a wait at a prison bus stop with a drainage unblocking van blocking our view of a deep orange setting sun.

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  1. No no don’t read StPie. I love your consiseness (?), your style, it’s makes for a much better read. Sweetened, condensed. I forgot to mention the unblocking/blocking van (funny) and the sunset – it was great! Well, the sunset was and prison wait, not the van.

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