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On our way to Harriet and Simon’s dinner party I snapped this:

If it wasn’t for the taxi firm, Mac’s Taxis, then we wouldn’t have walked. Thanks Mac. I wasn’t aware that it wasn’t in their job description to notify you, i.e. ring the doorbell, once they are ready and waiting outside. When I phoned up the taxi firm to ask much longer they’d be, the operator told me it had been outside for ten minutes, it had drove off and was not going to return. So there! I was a little annoyed and suggested that it would be courteous to at least let their customer know that they were waiting by, perhaps, knocking on the door. No. It’s not part of the service. So the Mac’s taxi driver prefers to waste 10 minutes of his as well as my time instead of spending at most 10 seconds moving his or hers fat arse to my doorstep and back. Well, Mac can stuff his taxi’s. I deleted his number from my phone instantly. I suggest you do the same.


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