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Yesterday, the Grand National took place. I never usually participate in betting except for the odd occasion when I find myself at the Epsom Derby or greyhound racing in Wimbledon. Anyway, thought I’d liven Saturday afternoon up after the Royal Wedding by placing a couple of bets on the big race at 16:10. I placed bets on two horses, one chosen by random and the other, Royal Auclair, chosen only because I just watched the royal wedding. The odds for Royal Auclair were 11-1.

I was gutted when Royal Auclair came 2nd as I thought I’d placed a bet for a win only. My online account said I had won and had a credit of £30 much to my surprise! Thinking my luck is still in I’ve just placed a bet for a footie game this afternoon. Come on Everton! Though folks, please do not worry about me developing a gambling addiction. I have withdrawn my initial £10 stake and once my winnings have been frittered away my betting days will be over. Just a bit of fun, though please cross your fingers.



  1. How can I not worry, as just yesterday you solemnly swore to never bet again?

  2. Everton won (4-0). They scored 2 goals too many for my bets to win. Nevermind. I shall withdraw the rest of my winnings to help with debt reduction.

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