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Unusually, we got up before 8:30am both mornings this weekend. It was an effort, but worthwhile. Yesterday we went over to Glasgow to sell the small load of junk we have gathered over the past few weeks. We made £29 in total, not a fortune over a 6 hour period, but fun nevertheless, especially the banter with the tight-arse buying public.

Before we left to go out today, we had a banana, mango, blueberry and papaya smoothie followed by a bowl of 3 mueslis for breakfast. We drove to Kinross to visit the Sunday market. S got a new watch battery fitted, which’ll last for 3+ years, I got some leeks, an onion and a set of five aluminium dishes for a pie I’m just about to make. On the way back, we drove round Loch Leven and stopped of at the RSPB wetlands project. After a walk up to the top of a hill offering amazing views of the Loch below and the glider planes circling the paragliders over by the next nearest hilltop, S and I had a small bite of lunch at the cafe, consisting of a egg mayo with cress sandwich for myself and a tomato and cheese toastie for S.

As soon as we arrived back at home, S took the lamb from the fridge that had been marinating in reduced kiwi overnight, and roasted the meat in the oven for 20 minutes. We ate the meat with chopped salad and pitta bread, with a bit of chilli sauce and creme fraiche. It was yummy! Now we’re eating scones with bramble jelly and rasberry jam.

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