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I left work early yesterday to drop my car off at W.Livingstone’s, a SEAT dealer in Uddingston near Glasgow. Today they’ll fitting a new clutch, replacing the worn front brake pads, changing the split rear wiper blade, fi… and finally, after months of driving around with a broken passenger side interior door handle, a new one will be fitted in its place. A late addition to the bill of work was an MOT, which I pray goes smoothly considering the small fortune I’m about to fork out for the work listed so far.

Last night, after I dropped my car off I drove away in a brand new SEAT Leon courtesy car and headed for Lenzie where a couple of friends live. What should have been a 20 minute drive turned into a 50 minute drive. Yes, I got lost.

Because the weather was great, in Glasgow terms anyway, Alan fired up the bbq. I am ashamed to reveal we pigged five cheese burgers, each.

Later on, after a talk about four stroke engines (what else to men talk about :-) ), we decided to investigate the possibility of enrolling on a hands-on course all about car mechanics. For me, the reason for doing a mechanics course is so I know, or can at least understand the jargon mechanics refer to. Also by understanding the mechanics of a car, I’ll better be able to gauge whether a car mechanic is ripping me off or telling me the truth.


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