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We've just returned to Edinburgh from a day out in Glasgow's West End. Despite being hungover, which seldom happens these days, we got to Byres Road in time for the opening parade of the mardi gras. After tiring of the samba drums, we headed over to the Mela Festival (Asian Festival) in Kelvingrove Park, and found ourselves in a dance tent, which from a distance sounded like some cool bhangra beats, but on closer inspection was an endless conveyor belt of samba drum groups playing over a bhangra beat, the very same samba beats we thought we'd left behind in the West End.

I was hoping for some yummy Asian food of any description but none was to be found. Instead we settled for a burger and undercooked chips from a dodgy burger van. Steinunn got a henna tattoo drawn on her hand. I'm sure she'll scan her hand soon enough to show you all. A good day, and I think the hottest day I've experienced in Scotland too.


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