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Over the past few weeks, Steinunn and I have been looking at flats for sale, with no intention of buying just yet. We have a vague idea about how much the banks will lend us but nothing in concrete. We’ve based our figure on what the online mortgage calculators say on the respective banks’ websites (Abbey, HSBC, Barclays, RBS, Bank of Scotland / Halifax), so have been looking at flats at the lower end of the market.

Yesterday we looked at what was billed as a cottage, but was simply a studio flat, which, unlike all of the neighbouring “cottages”, didn’t have a downstairs. The owner tried his damnest to use the lack of 2nd floor as a selling point. The place was too small, with 1 large room doubling as the lounge / bedroom and dining room, a tiny kitchen with no storage space yet fitted with a window alarm just in case we managed to fit in something worth stealing, and a bathroom, the best room out of the three.

Out of the 5 or 6 flats we’ve looked at so far, space-wise, this was the smallest. A studio flat is far too tiny for a couple. Like Steinunn said yesterday, she would have nowhere to escape to when being ill ( I don’t get sick), or one of us is tired and needs sleep. Let’s rule out studio flat from this point forward.


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  1. Right he is … except I never said that thing about place to escape to. Call me cheesy but I don’t find the need to escape from my loved one:) Except when I am ill. Or in a bad mood. Or sick and tired of his monotonous chord progression guitar. Or about to cry bc of his corrections as I write blogs or EVEN THIS COMMENT!! Yeah, 2 rooms is a must.

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