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Today I resigned from my post at Microsoft Gold partner after having only been there 2½ months. Because I was in my probationary period still, the notice period was just one week, perfect for starting at my new job, which start next Tuesday. My resignation took the MD by surprise and I felt bad for giving such short notice and possibly leaving them in the lurch, especially since the company had paid hefty fees to the recruitment agency.

I started working at this company because I thought it was a small independent company, putting to practice the latest Microsoft technologies; somewhere that would enhance my career and be a badge of honour on my CV. In reality, the company had one major blue-chip client, who are using very old platforms, leading to a stifling of creativity and innovation. The main reason I chose to work at a small company and not at a large financial organisation or other large corporate was so I could actually make a difference by coming up with creative solutions rather than being a cog in the corporate machine.

After two months I decided to find another job, somewhere where I could get a lot more job satisfaction, continue to learn, and enjoy the company of the people I work with. Within minutes of stepping into the building at my soon to be new employer I felt at ease, even though I was being interviewed by a panel of four people, two techies and two directors. I was quite relaxed because I had nothing to lose by being myself and this was probably the first interview where my personality came across and wasn't quashed by my nerves.

Steinunn congrats me and points out the other bonus of my resignation:

then the other jobtells him there is no need to work out his notice, he can just go on holiday. paid.

So tomorrow I have some jobs to do: tidy the flat in preparation for Sigrun (Steinunn's sister) and her mate's arrival on Friday, food shopping, gym, and, for your listening pleasure, I'm going to start converting tapes of my old music into mp3, then upload onto my myspace page. I'm going to go back as far as my Sepulchral Thorn days, the first incarnation of the band what was to become the more tuneful Bula Tigers featuring Paul Gallucci on vocals, Peter Tye on bass and Brendan Tye on drums and guitar. There are going to be some embarrassing moments but now it is far enough in the past to laugh at. If you listen regularly you'll definitely hear the progress of the band.

Also, I'm going to sort my flat feet out once and for all. Is there a podiatrist in the house?

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