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It is a sad day. The Blackamoors Head, a pub known to many in Chessington, is, after many unsuccessful re-branding exercises, finally losing it's name and perhaps "unique" atmosphere. Many happy a time was spent in "The Blacks" through the ages of 16 to 20 and it shall be dearly missed by all punters. I haven't been in there a while because I don't live in Chessington anymore, but if I did, I'd have certainly been a regular.

Many of you will remember populating the pool hall nearly every night for what seemed like a whole year of my life, with a jukebox installed that pumped out at 100dB on request. Privileged punters would be offered occassional "deals" from behind the counter, no doubt something of exceeding quality. Of the three or four years spent as a regular, I can't recall a single time when I was drunk. Now for Marc, the star new barman (see below), I can instantly recall two distinct drinking bouts: (1) the day he was made redundant from… wait for it… Whitfords and (2) the day of the "It's a knockout" event where dutch courage was required for his star appearance as Liam Gallagher.

To carry on the spirit of the best bits of The Blackamoors Head I feel the management of The Chessington Oak has made the perfect choice in hiring Marc as barman. He will bring back the soul of the pub, which has been lying dormant in the cellars for years. He will give you "a bit of head" along with a nod and a wink, and you will feel safe in the quiet knowledge that the past lives on in the new shiny exterior.

Here's an invitation from Marc himself about the opening of the pub. I hope he doesn't mind me sharing his witty invitation to the trial night of The Chessington Oak.

Dear Friends,

For those of you who have been on the end of one of my rather tasteful concoctions (Dave, Lee & Alan) it may come of no surprise that I'm putting my good skills to use at last. I am soon to be the part time Tom Cruise of Chessington when I take up my part time job at the Blackamoors, Now to be known as the Chessington Oak as a pot man, I mean barman.

The pub officially opens on Tuesday 27th June, but for all you loyal and trusting friends of mine, I am inviting you to the trial run for all new staff on Monday 26 th June. To entice you all in, I am authorised to pass you all a voucher worth £5 off you bill. You will have to spend at least £5 in the one transaction though, so tight bastards may not apply. If you do decide to take up the offer, please be prepared for a few spillages and pints with head, but I'm sure all the men won't mind a bit of head as this is a trial run for new staff so we may get it right when we open for real the following day. The pub also has a fantastic and appetising new menu, like nothing served at the Blacks before with prices from £4.99 so why don't you treat yourself to some grub also?

Unfortunately there is no TV screen at present so you will be unable to watch the world cup and we do not sell shots or shooters. The pub has undergone a complete refit with new windows being made where people had previously been thrown out of to make it lighter and more welcoming. There is a new Landlady and the pub is trying to shake off its old image, which I think it has done already. You will notice the difference when you step inside, trust me!!

Make the Chessington Oak you local and give your old mate a bit of loyal support! Heckling is allowed.

Should you wish to take up this fantastic offer please email me back as it is by invitation only so I will need to give you a voucher prior to your arrival, doors will open around 19:00.

I would be grateful to see as many of you there on Monday.



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