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This week at my new job I’ve been coding up a new site design for a high street jewellery store. From a usability perspective, their current site is easy to navigate and the products on display are simple to buy from. The new site design, designed by the jewellery store’s brochure designer, looks a hundred times better, but in terms of usability, it sucks.

Nevertheless, I’ve completed the design, adhering to separation of content and style, ensuring that the site is as accessible as possible. The next step is to tweak the site into something more functional, which will ultimately lead to more sales. At the moment, it is impossible to tell what is clickable, navigation style switches between pages, common elements such as headings and menus are positioned differently between pages, there are CSS hover menus that break the device-independent WAI guidelines (or I haven’t found a more accessible way to do this). And I’m sure there’s more but I gotta go to work now.

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