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Last night I was a tad bored so styled my blog. It still needs some work regarding colour choices, banner size, etc… but it looks good enough. Someone mentioned that the blog is too dark now, but I think I like it black rather than white. Perhaps, over time, I’ll introduce colour back into the blog. It’s good to start of from a base though and there’s no rush. Who really cares?

One recommendation I received was to add a left and right border to break away from the black. I’ll think I’ll do this right now just after I’ll tell you about my day so far.

This Morning

I slept in the small bedroom last night. The bedroom furthest away from street below. Except between the hours of 4 and 6am, a constant jumble of noise emanates from the street below. Cars, drunken stag and hen parties, escapee karaoke singers, packs of idiots looking for a fight. Needless to say, I slept well, awoke around 10am and stumbled from bed, into my jeans and t-shirt, across the road and round the corner to the farmers’ market. I treated myself to Porridge with brown sugar and cream from stoat’s porridge bar, then bought a few of the tastiest carrots on sale in Edinburgh plus some other veg.

I vacuumed my car. This is the first time I have cleaned the inside of my car since buying it. It was full of small twigs and blades of dried grass, mostly from the camping trip last weekend. I may get the car valeted soon as I’m considering selling it, possibly on eBay. I need to get myself a digital camera first so I can take some pics of it.

I got the weekly shopping over with pretty quick. On my return from ASDA some git had stolen “my” parking space and there were no spaces in the immediate vacinity. My arms were close to dropping off by the time I had carried the bags up t my flat, even though I’d stopped at least 5 times on the way to plug my arms back into their sockets.


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