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I’ve worked out that I’m spending far too much on bills, specifically the money spent on telecoms. Here’s what I spend so far:

Company Average amount per month
BT £11.00
Freedom2Surf £24.99
Vonage £7.99
T-Mobile £25.00

That’s a total of £69 per month! Far too much I say.

I’m switching. I’ve cancelled Vonage. The only reason I had it was for when I ran a business from home. Skype is cheaper to call Iceland and there’s no monthly fee.

My BT connection is redundant except for the ADSL connection. In effect I’m paying £35 for broadband access. Both of these are going.

My contract has expired with T-Mobile so I’m cancelling it. I get 100 anytime minutes. This sucks! I’m switching to Tesco Mobile Extra pay-as-you-go tariff. Calls cost 10p per minute to any UK mobile or standard land line. Texts are 5p. This equates to 250 anytime minutes if I spend £25 quid. I’ll more than likely only spend about £15 per month. Also, you get a 100 free texts a month if you spend over £15 per month. Bargain.

To summarise, I’m switching to:

Company Average amount per month
Telewest – TV and 2MB Broadband £20.00
Tesco Mobile Extra PAYG £15.00
SkypeOut to Iceland – 200 minutes £4.20 (0.021 pence per minute Inc VAT)

This works out as £39.20, a saving of £30 per month.

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