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Update: You can now listen to an audio file of the most common Icelandic phrases as spoken by my partner, a native Icelander.

Wikipedia has a page dedicated to the most common phrases in 100 languages. Language 39 is Icelandic. The Wikipedia page is marked for deletion because it’s too long and uses non-standard pronounciation information. For my own reference and before the page is deleted, I’ve copied the phrases from Wikipedia, minus the pronounciation info:

Translation Phrase
Icelandic íslenska
hello góðan dag(inn)
good-bye bless
please gjörðu svo vel
thank you takk (fyrir)/þakka þér fyrir
you’re welcome verði þér að góðu
that one þetta
how much? hversu mikið
English enska
no nei
generic toast skál!
I love you ég elska þig
where is this? hvar er þetta?
I don’t speak Icelandic ég tala ekki íslensku
car bíll
I need a lift/ride mig vantar far
I’m lost ég er villtur(male)/villt(female)
I need help ég þarf hjálp
airport flugvöllur
happy birthday til hamingju með afmælið
where’s the bathroom? hvar er salernið?
My name is___ ég heiti___


    • tinnelil
    • Posted Monday, 4 September 2006 at 12:22 am
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    now i understand today’s sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet text:) i am mightily impressed, just learn these and we can talk like natives to one another. abt cars and being lost, and stuff:) steinunn still on tinna’s pc xxx

    • Le Monde est à nous
    • Posted Sunday, 22 April 2007 at 2:07 am
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    Are you trying to learn Icelandic?

  1. I am Romanian and I like to learn Icelandic.

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