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Poor Mr. Steve Irwin. His heart was pierced by the spine of a stingray. What a way to go! He’d have preferred death by croc I’m sure, though nevertheless died doing the adventurous stuff he’s known for. From what I saw of him on TV, he was a lively, entertaining sole, one his family will sorely miss.

Palm Cove satellite image

I’ve got an excuse to show you, my readers, the pics of a sting ray I helped catch. I met a dutch guy, Yorn, at the hostel where I was staying (Cairns, Queensland) and we decided to go fishing at spot renowned for its fishing called Palm Cove. A long pier took us far enough to cast our rods into the ocean.

After 20 minutes, I caught something and got really excited. It was a sea slug:

Sea Slug caught in Palm Cove

Great eh? I was happy enough with this catch. It is oddly ugly. Yorn, however, who was further down the pier, shouted for help. I ran over and saw him struggling with the fishing rod. It was bent 90 degrees, on the verge of snapping. At this point we didn’t know what was on the end of the line. After a further 10 minutes slowly reeling in the line, we stepped down to a small ledge meant for boarding a boat and then caught site of the stingray. I held the rod whilst Yorn tried to hook it with his, um, big hook and drag on to the ledge, which the sea was just washing over. Yorn was quite the expert and had no fear, even after warning me to watch the spine. Yorn was a bit mad from what I could gather. He told me about his trip around Oz so far where he’d hunt for his dinner. He had tried most things including wild snakes and stingrays.

Hooking a Stingray

The tide was coming in so the ledge on which we were standing was getting deeper in water minute by minute. The stingray was too large and strong to carry on any longer so we let it go. No stingray for dinner that night then.

Stingray swimming away

If you’re interested, see a few more pics at Palm Cove.

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  1. Hmm, I’m either very quick or have too much time on my hands! I tend to scroll the news pages for fun things to illustrate and challenge myself to get them up on my blog as fast as possible.

    I can’t believe Steve Irwin is dead. But at least Richard Hammond made it!

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