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Yesterday was the first time I’ve sat in on an interview. An interview my colleagues and I knew about literally 2 seconds before the guy walked in through the door. My boss failed to tell us (the tech team) about the interview, which meant no time to prepare, no time to look at the guy’s CV, no time draft up a list of pertinent questions. Instead, the boss gave a rambled history of the company, the interviewee spoke about his flickered job history (this guy never stood still) and the tech team asked a series of unstructured questions and tried to keep the interview together.

I’m only writing about this because I happened to read a blog post by Seth Godin where he states that interviews are a waste of time. I concur. His alternative is for the job candidate to do a very short stint of work experience. Both parties get a much better deal out of this compared to the standard interview process. Makes perfect sense to me. You?

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  1. Je concur, moi aussi. But what if one is applying for 13 jobs? How do you do 13 short job stints, and not starve in the meantime, due to lack of income? Will lunch be provided?

  2. Ahhh, them were the days. Sounds like every interview that man ever presided over.


    I think the problem with work experience as you describe is that you can get into the situation where you kind of get stuck with someone who’s sorta “okay”…

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