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Take a few minutes out and listen to this tune. I love the structure of this song, how it builds up around a repeating riff, is stripped bare, sparkles for a bit in the middle, then ends with the chanting chorus… sooo-she-liize, sooo-she-liize, sooo-she-liize…

WordPress now support Odeo so below is a past that starts of with the tune linked to above, only it is at double speed for some reason. Still sounds good though.



    • Mike Kelly
    • Posted Friday, 29 September 2006 at 7:09 pm
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    Allo there Nick. ‘Appy Burfdee’ for yesterday. Hope it was a gooden. Liz’s been trying to ring & txt ya but it seems like yer phone’s not working..?!.. Cheers to yer lovely lady for the post card. Hope to see ya both real soon. Take care & BIGluv to ya both X

  1. whoah, you changed your theme

    Also, is that the web 2.0 logo generator used in the title? :)

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    […] Olly correctly spotted that the logo was generated by the web 2.0 logo generator. I’ll change this when I can be arsed but it’s fine for now. […]

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