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I’ve just updated my blog theme as my own design sucked to tell the truth. My new theme is based on Qwilm, modified to fit with the HTML structure of’s Sandbox Skin ‘No Stylesheet by Nobody’. Because I can’t touch the HTML there are a few things I cannot style properly. There’s still some tweaking to do and icons to add but I’m happy with the look so far.

Olly correctly spotted that the logo was generated by the web 2.0 logo generator. I’ll change this when I can be arsed but it’s fine for now.

Feel free to use the modified version of Qwilm for your own blog. You’ll need to upgrade to the Custom CSS upgrade and select the Sandbox Skin ‘No Stylesheet by Nobody’. It’s a measly £7 for the year. Not bad if you ask me!

For the archive, here’s my old theme:

Nick In Burgh Blog template


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  1. thanks for the tweaking! i’ve tried using it on my own site after buying the update, and will be changing bits and pieces here and there. cheers!

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