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Mobmart calls itself “The world’s first mobile-powered auction site”. To sell something simply:

  1. Snap – Take a photo of your item with your mobile phone.
  2. Send – Send it to 07720 11 00 22 and fill in the simple form.
  3. Sell – Receive bids and buyer’s details direct to your mobile phone.

You can also send videos of yourself pitching the item you’re trying to sell.

I had a quick look on the site, which is in beta of course, and for the most part there’s legitimate items for sale. If you visit quick though, you can bid for Ben, who has a current price of £10,000.

Getting people to leave eBay when they’ve established a high feedback rating is going to be nigh on impossible. eBay will never open up their user rating data as that’s their most valuable data even though it’s open to fraud. An alternative is to use Rapleaf’s recommendation system for any transaction, on or offline. There seems to be a slow but steady uptake of Rapleaf integration into e-commerce websites. Google Checkout also has its own seller rating system.

Btw, it’s free to list items of MobMart. Good luck to them.


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  1. That site is totally crazy, check out this PowerBook which is going for £520 and is described as “Needs upgrading”. That’s the whole description. RAM? Who knows! Power connector? Who knows! Scratched to buggery? Who knows!

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