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Our last trip to Ikea was on May 14th. This and each previous visit haunts me still. I’ll do anything to avoid a repeat visit to the Sweden’s second worst export.

This man has adopted the right attitude:

Ben Adetimle, 31, from Leytonstone, added: “I bought a sofa but when I turned my back someone stole it. I’m not upset. It’s just furniture, not worth dying over.” – ThisIsLondon

Exactly. Ben was speaking of his experience of a riot prompted by the opening of a new Ikea store in Edmonton in early 2005.

Who wants to go

traipsing around the labyrinthine displays. Hours lost hunting for furniture not in stock. Further hours spent queuing. Being charged to use a credit card. The ridiculous delivery fees (when you find you’ve bought too much for the boot). The hour’s journey back home. That’s before you have to build the things. And above all, you just get the impression that Ikea doesn’t care. Clagnut.

Ikea in Iceland is nothing like it is here in the UK, so says Steinunn. So I say the next time we visit Ikea we will be in Iceland.



  1. Having just kitted out our new office in Young St I’m sick of Ikea, but hey it’s cheap.

  2. Hey, and now you’ve just finished 3 IKEA trips all within the merry month of January:) Well done, you IKEA hater, you! x

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