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Steinunn and I have made last minute plans to make the most of the 3 days off of work next week. Easyjet’s winter sale started this morning. I bought a couple of cheap tickets to Gatwick and will be in Brighton by midday tomorrow. We’re gonna spend the afternoon with my sister and my nephew. In the evening, we’re going to spend the evening in a pub I know as The Blackamoors.

On Sunday, after the inevitable hangover, we’re meeting up with Jen, Chris and few others, rendevouzing in a pub somewhere in London for Sunday lunch. In the evening, we may go to the National Film Theatre to see the Radiohead, The Visionaries: A Decade of Breaking New Talent.

On Monday, we’re travelling north to Harpenden to see my uncle, aunt and nan. It’ll be great to catch up. I hope to quiz my nan about her past as I’m attempting to put together a family tree. On Tuesday, we’re heading up to Stafford to see another uncle. We’ve hired a car for this part of the journey because, by train, it’d cost over £250 to return to Edinburgh via Stafford. Will train fares ever become affordable for the masses?

Right, I’m off to bed… early rise tomorrow morning.


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