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casinoroyaletickets.jpgOn Sunday, we went to the Odeon cinema around the corner from our flat to see the new Bond film. It’s a good enough film, for a Bond film. Daniel Craig is a worthy Bond, easily passing the grade from what has been previously expected from actors playing Bond. I’d say he was the best Bond yet. May be it’s because of the trouble the writers went to explain why Bond is why he is. He has a pretty … Steinunn here, taking over. This is MY domain, the posting of stubs and blogging about the event, and Nick’s gone and taken it over. I can’t believe this, the cheek! Honestly. So, Nick what has Bond got that is pretty? Do tell us, we are dying to find out, from your stub&report entry. Whimperwhimpercry.

Whoops! I’ve upset Steinunn here. I’d better leave it to her for a review of the film. I can tell you what she’s gonna say though… ‘It was too long and I don’t understand poker’.


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