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Last week we found a decent flat in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. After wrangling with the agent over a small issue, it grew out of all proportion so we decided to pull out.  A quick search on Gumtree last night revealed a property that fit much of our criteria. We phoned, was told the advert was posted just 10 minutes before we phoned (lucky or what?), arranged a viewing for the same evening, saw it, liked what we saw, phoned the landlord back and said we wanted to move in.

This evening we met our new landlord, provided references and the deal was done. We start to move our stuff in on Friday and actually move in next Tuesday.

The place is closer to work so I now have absolutely no excuse not to walk in to work every day. We’ll only be in there 3 days before we fly to Iceland for Christmas.

I can’t believe how smoothly the process has been at finding this flat compared to the hoops the previous property agent made us jump through.


    • Liam Mackenzie
    • Posted Tuesday, 12 December 2006 at 9:36 am
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    Hi there,
    I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch but I’m your current landlord (the Cordiners land flat) and stumbled on your blog while googling for the new littlejohns advert for the flat.
    Just wondered if you could let us know any comments you have on the flat (good or bad), and also how you found dealing with Littlejohns since they are the first factors we’ve used.
    Any info is much appreciated!
    Hope you’ve enjoyed Cordiners Land and you’re happy in the new place.

  1. Hi Nick,

    Stockbridge hey? Nicer end of town anyway. Adam and I are looking at living round there when we move in July next year. That or the whole Dean Bridge/ Water of Leith area. I’m sick to death of Marchmont!

    Thankyou to you both for coming along to my book thing, man I’m glad that is over. Have a lovely Christmas!


  2. Me again. I just need to ask you for some help with something and I don’t have your email.

    Adam just built a site and did it with frames (God knows why) and now can’t get search engines to find it. He is playing about with some script titled NOFRAMES but doesn’t really know what he is doing. Help!

  3. Ooh, frames are bad

  4. Being more helpful, this may be useful:

  5. Hey Liam, Steinunn here, Nick’s girlfriend. We’ve liked living at Cordiners Land, your flat is lovely and we wanted it the minute we saw it a year ago. It was by far the best we’d seen then, and we looked at quite a few. The only negative points about it, and in fact the reasons we’ve decided to move are: 1) lack of gas central heating, and 2) the noise. As for the first point, the electric radiators are very inefficient in emitting heat, and as the windows are single-glazed the cold seeps in which makes the flat cold and sometimes damp. The window issue also allows the busy traffic noises from outside to seep in point 2) above . We knew that when we moved in, but we weren’t quite aware of how popular this area actually is with stag dos and general nights out – every single night it seems:) On a pickier note, the carpets are unattractive and uncomfortable … but that’s a very minor issues. Oh, and the sleeper sofa – a more comfortable bed than sofa, for some reason!

    As for LittleJohns, they’ve been alright though we found them to be slow to respond to maintenance issues we had. That is, they responded but things weren’t fixed as promised and they trusted their plumbers (the flusher thingy didn’t work properly for months) rather than us. We had to ring 3 times, left long intervals thinking they were on the case, and then had to ask again and again. Also, their attitude, I found, was a bit rubbish, when once we happened to lock ourselves out and, as “part of the service”, we rang to get someone to let us in, they were severely annoyed as it was a Friday night and the people on duty were out on the night. No way to treat paying customers – it hadn’t happened before, didn’t happen again, it wasn’t late at night, and it certainly wasn’t part of the service as we paid near £60 for them grudgingly opening our door. Fair enough, we were willing to pay, but their attitude was less than polite. Other than that, they’re alright!

    Hope this is helpful. All in all we loved the flat. Cheers!

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