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Happy New Year folks! Here’s a few things I’m keen to do this year:

  • start writing and recording music again
  • organise group trip to Iceland
  • spend more time reading
  • get a job fast (just taken volunteer redundancy)
  • make use of The Meadows more, now that we live 1 minute away
  • eat the bagfuls of beans we have in the store cupboard
  • purchase and listen to more vinyl
  • explore Scotland’s great outdoors more often
  • go to one of two local pubs on a regular basis (i wanna be a local)
  • plus a few more I can’t write publicly
  • speak more icelandic

None of the above are exactly stretching my limits I know, and most are just the same old.


  1. You are leaving Scotweb?? Congrats!

    How are you finding Marchmont? I’m currently working harder than ever but its better than being bored. Hooray for 2007!

  2. Vicki, you’ve missed out on the gossip. What about a pint sometime this week or next and I’ll fill you in on the happenings at Scotweb?

  3. Argh I never check up when I make a comment so I didn’t get your response. A drink is always good- better to get me via my email as I check it far too regularly.

    How is the new job going?

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