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Since the move, my PC has been experiencing problems. After switching on, it will stay on for anywhere between 10 minutes and 10 hours, after which it’ll power down completely. To power it up again, I have to take the power lead out of the back, wait for 10 seconds, re-insert the power lead and press the power button.

A search reveals that it could be any number of problems. Seeing that I have a computer repair shop just metres away from my flat I paid them a visit this afternoon. I explained the symptoms and the thai / scottish tech guy listened patiently and nodded knowingly. He asked how old the PC components were and told me a few things I could check. Are any of the capacitors bulging at the end? Is everything seated correctly? Possibly it’s a virus. Or the power supply.

I’ve discounted a virus as I freshly re-installed Windows XP the other day. I made sure all PCI cards, memory sticks and power connectors were plugged in correctly. I’m thinking it must be the power supply, a loose connection…

Must dash… Dave from the shop has just phoned. He’s replaced the power supply and everything is running tickety boo. Though, I won’t believe this is the case until the PC has been running for more than a 10 hour period.

I’ll add to this later to tell you what the mouldy reference refers to.



  1. And what significance, pray tell, doth the repair man’s nationality have to your story telling? I am heavily influenced by CBB events – I have been quiet all day and evaluated what I would have said had I said anything at all, and found out that pretty much every-&-anything that escapes ones’ lips is derogatory towards someone, somewhere, somehow. (unlike CBB people though I don’t mean what goes through my head like that …). :) xx

  2. There is no significance in the repair man’s nationality. It’s there to add some level of description to the guy. Should you or any other person visit FAQ Computer Services (Fast Affordable Quality), you’ll know who I was served by. Nothing racist meant.

    Later on in the day, I visited the best fishmonger in Edinburgh and the lady who served me was from the far east too. She liked my jacket. I liked her fish.

    And by the way, I have left my computer on since yesterday and it hasn’t crashed. It was the power supply after all.

    Dave, the guy from the FAQ, phoned me up 20 minutes after dropping of my PC. He exclaimed, “Your PC is dangerous. It’s covered in mould.” I was shocked that I had never noticed. After further dialogue I remembered at some point in the past I had attempted to sound proof my PC with purpose built foam. Suffice it to say, it did nothing except raise the temperature of the computer. After a while I tore most of the foam out, but some stuck to the sides because of the glue. This was Dave referred to as mould and he said to continue working on my PC he’d have to get a mask. I reassured him that it was in fact foam and after some persuasion he got back to work.

    • tim
    • Posted Thursday, 8 February 2007 at 10:45 am
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    I’ve had the same problem for months with my PC. Components are a couple years old now, but all works great except for the random shut downs.

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