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A couple of week ago I rewrote my CV and submitted it to those pesky recruitment agencies and job boards. My CV is looking quite polished, yet one can always do better. Christian Heilmann writes about writing better web developer CVs. Even though he is writing about corporate HR departments, he articulates better my frustrations with recruitment agencies. Marko Dugonjić also has a few CV tips appropriate for web developers. One tip is to include a short list of the most recently read on-topic books.

Something that I am missing is a personal website that can act as a sandpit, somewhere where I can play with the new stuff and demonstrate my ability to pick up skills. Olly has a sandpit and he’s starting to play in it again. Who else has a sandpit?


  1. That’s a very interesting article, I’ve been thinking about moving on recently and I am really coming to the conclusion that agencies are a complete waste of time.

  2. Ditto (though don’t tell anyone I work with). I haven’t written a CV for about 6 years. Scary stuff. You may all be sent a copy to critique!

  3. Good luck in your hunt. Don’t let the bastards (recruiters) get you down and don’t believe everything they say. I generalise of course – some are more professional than others and take their job seriously. The guy who got me a job was brilliant, always courteous, kept me up to date with things and has recently started learning about web development himself, in order to better service his clients. Let me know if you want his details. The firm he works for is based in Reading. They’re called GCS Recruitment Specialists.

  4. I have kind of seen the next company I want to work for – but I am a bit nervous about being a bit underqualified! will see. They do have international offices though…

  5. Jen, you’ll be fine. Go for it. Can you divulge any more info? Is it up here in Edinburgh?

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