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I joined Twitter a couple of months ago, invited a couple of friends and occassionally twitter. I’d like some more friends on Twitter to make it more fun. Jeremy Keith points out the practical value of Twitter (none if you must know) but goes on to write that Twitter does offer some genuine emotional value from technology. As I have an IM open all day, it is easy to Twitter. And if you are a twitter friend you’ll know what I’m eating for lunch, how frustrated I get using Visual Studio, when I have an eureka moment… and lots more.

So, this is a call to anyone who knows me to join Twitter, add me as a friend and twitter away. I expected to be inundated with invites by tomorrow morning and I promise never to get bored with any twitterings you make.

While I have your attention, check out this awesome visualisation of twitters happening around the globe in real-time. Très cool!


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    […] folk, the slow performance of Twitter over the last few days. So if I were you, I’d ignore my previous request for fellow Twits to join me. And on second thoughts I can’t be arsed with it. In the end it is just another […]

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