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We’re moving! We’re moving!

Most people who read my blog probably are also friends on Facebook, so you’ll know already Steinunn and I are moving down to London soon. This was a rather impromptu decision on Wednesday last week.

I don’t know exactly where we’re moving to yet but I expect it’ll be somewhere either north or east of London. For the first month we’ll rent out a room in short term accommodation. During this month, we’ll search with Jenny, for a 2 bedroom flat. And hopefully by our intended moving in date (Sept 15th), both Steinunn and I will have a job.



    • Jen
    • Posted Monday, 23 July 2007 at 7:16 pm
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    We will find something good – I am turning to one of those property program people and have a stunning spreadsheet !

  1. dude, you having some leaving drinks?

  2. Good luck guys – I hope it all goes smoothly! Let me know if you’re having a house-warming :)

  3. Will probably have leaving drinks on 15th August or weekend before. Will let you know.

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