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Leaving work early today. It’s my final day of my first contract. I’m now an official contractor. I start my 2nd contract 10am tomorrow morning.

Off to watch the filming of Never Mind The Buzzcocks at the BBC TV studios tonight with Steve and Ant.


Microsoft got screwed for bundling Internet Explorer with Windows and many other issues surrounding anti-competitive behavior. So is the Apple team knowingly creating a monopoly with its bundling of iTunes with the iPhone? Or is it perfectly legitimate and their well-deserved right to avoid the question of monopoly? Whoever is correct, the PR team do not do a great job in handling the question of a monopoly when quizzed by a Channel 4 journalist.

Some people.


view from roof 2

Link to BBC News story


“Faust Arp”

“Jigsaw Falling into Place”

“Ceremony” (New Order cover)

See more at pitchfork.

Steinunn and I spent 5 weeks in our flat in Vauxhall. We thought it’d be hard to free ourselves from the 6 month contract. Through the power and popularity of gumtree we found a new tenant within 2 days to take over the contract. Now have to move stuff into storage again and sell Steinunn’s bike. Anyone for a bike?

I don’t know about you but I’m gonna buy Alex’s new album, which is out today. It’s called Until The Traffic Stops and is available at all good recordshops, online (Amazon, HMV, Virgin) or off.

This weekend our flat was a hive of activity given the steady stream of frugal gumtreers and mooching freecyclers. We shifted most of the stuff we chose not to take with us to London. There’s only bits of furniture left – bookshelf, 3 tables and bedside cabinet – plus other small pieces of junk. We’ve made £80 selling various bits through gumtree, which will pay for the petrol down to London plus a meal at some dodgy, expensive motorway service station.

All we have to do now is clean the place from top to bottom and pack our bags. All our stuff is in storage in London already. On Sunday, I’m selling my car to my dad. I’m dropping the car off at the airport where he’ll hand over a briefcase of notes, which will go towards something extravagant like paying the rent.