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Leaving work early today. It’s my final day of my first contract. I’m now an official contractor. I start my 2nd contract 10am tomorrow morning.

Off to watch the filming of Never Mind The Buzzcocks at the BBC TV studios tonight with Steve and Ant.



view from roof 2

Link to BBC News story

Steinunn and I spent 5 weeks in our flat in Vauxhall. We thought it’d be hard to free ourselves from the 6 month contract. Through the power and popularity of gumtree we found a new tenant within 2 days to take over the contract. Now have to move stuff into storage again and sell Steinunn’s bike. Anyone for a bike?

There was plenty of junk to be had in markets of Camden, late on Saturday afternoon. Here’s Steinunn making a tough decision about which elephant throw to purchase.

The London Eye, millennium wheel, whatever… here Steinunn is posing with the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge in the background.

Here are our hosts for the Easter weekend, Marc and Linda.