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You can get 40% off all wine at Threshers by printing off a voucher. Spread the word. It’s only valid for the next week. And no, this is not a scam. Last Christmas Threshers made headline news with an identical voucher scheme.



Unusually, we got up before 8:30am both mornings this weekend. It was an effort, but worthwhile. Yesterday we went over to Glasgow to sell the small load of junk we have gathered over the past few weeks. We made £29 in total, not a fortune over a 6 hour period, but fun nevertheless, especially the banter with the tight-arse buying public.

Before we left to go out today, we had a banana, mango, blueberry and papaya smoothie followed by a bowl of 3 mueslis for breakfast. We drove to Kinross to visit the Sunday market. S got a new watch battery fitted, which’ll last for 3+ years, I got some leeks, an onion and a set of five aluminium dishes for a pie I’m just about to make. On the way back, we drove round Loch Leven and stopped of at the RSPB wetlands project. After a walk up to the top of a hill offering amazing views of the Loch below and the glider planes circling the paragliders over by the next nearest hilltop, S and I had a small bite of lunch at the cafe, consisting of a egg mayo with cress sandwich for myself and a tomato and cheese toastie for S.

As soon as we arrived back at home, S took the lamb from the fridge that had been marinating in reduced kiwi overnight, and roasted the meat in the oven for 20 minutes. We ate the meat with chopped salad and pitta bread, with a bit of chilli sauce and creme fraiche. It was yummy! Now we’re eating scones with bramble jelly and rasberry jam.

Don’t get me wrong, I like curves just as much as the next man. But the curved corners spread throughout this page are ugly. I will slowly change the corners, colours and contours of this page. Please bear in mind that I am hindered by colour blindness and I make no apologies if, at some point, I offend your vision.

The old site. Not much different yet I know.

The latest exciting event in Durham was Liv Anna’s visit.Originally hailing from Iceland, now studying and living in Glasgow, Liv Anna does not rate Durham’s pitiful excuses for hip’n’happening night-time venues. Up until this weekend, I was quite happy existing in a state of disbelief but now the stark truth burns through and it hurts, a lot. J.A.’s sucks. It’s official.

Where shall we go now?


Update – It’s been 3 weeks since Liv Anna’s visit and J.A. has not had our custom. I couldn’t say we haven’t been in the place as it is frequently used to get from street to river level. Here is a blog entry when I cared for J.A.’s.

I’ve had a work-free week so far. Wednesday is the last day of lectures before the Easter break, I get 21 days, which makes me very happy! I’m gonna start work on my final project during the holiday, to give myself a headstart, as I know studying during the summer will prove to be a difficult task, to remain indoors when the sun is shining …

  1. Ensure that the votes it (receipt) contains are included in the final tally
  2. Ensures the integrity of the election against whatever incorrectly-behaving machines or people might do to surreptitiously change votes
  3. Greatly enhances voter satisfaction and confidence
  4. Eliminates need for trusted voting machine
  5. Reciepts improve robustness over devices that must be trusted
  6. Failures can be detected at the polls in time to prevent lost votes
  7. Votes that receipts contain can be counted no matter what happens to the machines
  8. Significantly more efficient and more effective integrity assurance
  9. Ensures access while improving confidence and turnout
  10. Receipts can safely be shown for checking to anyone
  11. Protects privacy and ballot secrecy
  12. Ensures that there is a one-to-one correspondence between receipts and ballot images
  13. Yields far greater assurance and reduces overall costs compared to current systems
  14. Voters can verify their own ballots
  15. Ensures that if your receipt is correctly posted that your vote will be included correctly in the tally
  16. Physical evidence of failures in not properly posting receipt ensure that breakdowns of the election process are not missed
  17. Voter privacy is ensured
  18. Highly improbable that a vote can be change unnoticed

Extensible Mark-up Language (XML) is a data format that promotes universal access and easy sharing of data. It travels easily from server to server, server to client and application to application. It is simple and flexible in a human-readble form. XML is a subset of SGML, optimised for the web environment which implies data-processing oriented rather than publishing oriented. XML is usually dynamically generated, often created by computer programs and processed by other computer programs, then destroyed.

An XML document is made up from elements, attributes, and one root node. Structural tags reduce complexity of a document. XML is one representation fo electronic data interchange (edi). XML documents have two levels of compliance in that they must be valid (must have a DTD) and well-formed.

Ref: Goldfarb, Charles. F. XML Handbook. 1998

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