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David Cronenberg's WifeDidn’t have a plan of where to go last night. Alan requested music. The 12 Bar Club it was then. We saw 4 out of the 11 bands on the bill. Two bands that were simply fantastic live were Extradition Order and David Cronenberg’s Wife.
The receptive crowdThere was a really annoying old bloke who stood out like a sore thumb. He was way beyond his gig going years but has refused to admit it to himself, growing long thin grey hair, wearing a long sleeved black t-shirt, sitting on people’s shoulders, and generally being a twat. It turned out the old fart was the guitarist for the next band, with the other member being a female guitarist who attempted to sing too. They were way too confident for my liking, solely because they were shit but with loads of mates in the audience.

We left promptly and missed out on 4 more bands.


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