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What can I say except for you should have been there.


Ant came up from Peterborough to see his beloved Norwich play Newcastle in the League Cup and to catch up of course. I don’t know how you get the dedication Ant to see every single game, may be if you miss one game they might win! (sorry) It was my first time at a decent football stadium with a good crowd chanting all the way through the game.

It was Reza’s first time at a match too, we both really enjoyed it although it was quite a chilly wind high up in the stands. Unfortunately Norwich lost although I guess it makes Ant’s life a bit easier not having to go to so many games.

Aziz thought it’d be a good day to show me round Newcastle so off we went at about 2pm. Soon we wished we hadn’t bothered as we hit traffic presumably caused by the Newcastle vs West Brom game. Then add to this the Great North Mile race where Kelly Holmes was the star of the moment yet again.

Anyway we made it. Then headed straight to Ali Barbar’s, a persian restaurant in the city centre for my first meal of the day. To drink, we each had a Doogh, a popular soft-drink in Iran. I can’t remember the name of my main course but it was a lamb stew with lentils, split-peas, fried potatoes and onions on a bed of saffron rice. Then to finish off we had some Iranian tea – you can find a pic of Aziz and his tea here.

Scattered around the pavements of Newcastle are words carved into stone. Here’s one that’s worth a pic.

The past is my present to your future.