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Use Java RMI to implement the summative.

See this tutorial

Java RMI

Keep interface simple. Do not use applets. Do not use package.


If two or more threads share a common resource, they must be synchronised.

Synchronizing Threads

Execution of multiple threads on a single CPU in some order is called scheduling. Java supports a very simple, deterministic scheduling algorithm called fixed-priority scheduling.

Use yield() to relinquish the CPU.

Thread Scheduling

Semantic Web Tutorials

Semantic Web Portal

  • URI – Uniform Resource Identifier
    RDF – Resource
  • Description Framework (triple URI’s)
    Notation3: alternative RDF notation (no XML)
  • DAML+OIL – an ontology and inference langauge
  • Inference – being able to derive new data from data that you already know
  • Trust and Proof – Context and Digital Signatures
  • SEM – SEmantic Memory

Dublin Core – one of the first metadata vocabularies in RDF

Over the past week and a bit the AJUML lectures have been about Collections, Exceptions, Classes & Objects, JDBC and HTTP. We have a final lecture on Friday that will cover servlets/JSP. I am familiar with all of the course content so far so have not found it a struggle.

We have been set two formative assessments. The first assessment is a series of presentations. The second assessment is a programming exercise that models a simple one-player patience game with the option of extending the code to a two-player patience game such as Malice & Spite that can be played on the web.

The first round of presentations were about IDE’s. My group chose JBuilder 9 Enterprise Version. The second presentations concern UML with my group giving a presentation on Statecharts. I think we have one more presentation to do next week some time, not sure of the topic yet.

I have just joined the community and I hope to find a project that I contribute to in the near future.

Here’s the new stuff for Java 1.5 release:

I’m a bit worried about starting the MSc as I am 15 months out of practice. When I return to the UK and get myself settled I’m gonna have to do an awful lot of catching up. Hopefully it’ll all come back to me.