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Ikea Shelf BuildingHere’s Steinunn and me putting together a bookcase from Ikea. Two dowel rods were missing and we didn’t find them until after the screws were tightened.


On Sunday the Sunday Herald published an article on Scotland’s Flickr community. Accompanying the article was a glossy magazine featuring a selection of the best photos taken by amateur photographers over the last year. In association with the Scottish Flickr group, a separate blog records the best photos of the day and is meant to be a collective photographic history of Scotland as viewed by its members. The photos featured on this blog are fantastic and I urge you to take a look for yourself.

These pictures are cool. I’ve been to one of the panorama pics – the Blue Mountains. They instantly take me away from my prison cell in Durham. Not long until I’m free! – Montecarlo, Royal Palace in Monte Carlo, Monaco – QTVR from the best VR photographers

Got a bluetooth dongle so thought I’d transfer all my mobile phone pics over.

Zoe has come to see me for a couple of days up here in sunny Durham. I had to leave her to her own devices for most of the day as I had lectures and presentations to do. In the evening we queued to go see some comedy in the city but was turned away just as we got to the box office :-( Instead we went to the pub with the others and walked back via the cathedral.

Later we met Aziz and GYÐJA at Planet of Sound at the DSU where Steinunn was grooving the night away!

I spent most of the day making a start on my first assignment. I got carried away with work and have almost done half even though I have another 3 and a bit weeks to go before the due date. Tonight Steinnun, who’s from the lovely land of Iceland, and Aziz came over to join Reza and myself for some wine and to listen to some tunes on my fab new speakers.

Here’s the beautiful bunch: