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Monthly Archives: March 2005

I saw KT perform on the Jools Holland TV show a couple of months ago and immediately wanted to hear more. Now, having listened to her album a few times, I have become a fan of her almost addictive raspy voice. Watch a few session tracks courtesy of the BBC collective.


I’ve just started reading a new book courtesy of Steinunn. Ta very much. Having read the first chapter I already have a dislike for Ignatius J. Reilly, the central character. If I were to meet him I think I would probably have to put on a balaclava and punch him on the nose.

There was plenty of junk to be had in markets of Camden, late on Saturday afternoon. Here’s Steinunn making a tough decision about which elephant throw to purchase.

On Good Friday, Marc, Linda, Lucy, Steinunn and I went down to see my sister and Zack. Mike and his daughter Pixie were there too. This is a photo of the the three kids taking a break from throwing pebbles into the sea with much relief from all those a stone’s throw away. Let’s just say the pebbles didn’t always land in the direction of the large target ahead of them.

The London Eye, millennium wheel, whatever… here Steinunn is posing with the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge in the background.

Here are our hosts for the Easter weekend, Marc and Linda.

Well done to those who volunteered their services to the Iranian Conference hosted by IMEIS (BTW, I think the website is a little out of date). The poor little overworked souls deserved a few beers and five pizzas, which, according to Reza the treasurer, were devoured faster than a hungry pack of wolves.

On a walk that had no particular destination, just the rule to follow the river whatever, we stumbled across this railway bridge with “very nice architecture” and lots more beside.

No matter what, nothing would get in the way of our walk beside the river, so when greeted with a sign saying ‘No’ that we guessed meant the end of the public footpath, ‘No Entry’, we hopped over the fence, across a stream, and into no man’s land. Anticipating a confrontation with a farmer and his shotgun, we stuck to the low lying almost sandy beach-like shore line of the river that hid us from view from most vantage points in the undulating pastures. Anyway, I’m going on a bit, read stpie for the rest of the walk culminating in a wait at a prison bus stop with a drainage unblocking van blocking our view of a deep orange setting sun.

The latest exciting event in Durham was Liv Anna’s visit.Originally hailing from Iceland, now studying and living in Glasgow, Liv Anna does not rate Durham’s pitiful excuses for hip’n’happening night-time venues. Up until this weekend, I was quite happy existing in a state of disbelief but now the stark truth burns through and it hurts, a lot. J.A.’s sucks. It’s official.

Where shall we go now?


Update – It’s been 3 weeks since Liv Anna’s visit and J.A. has not had our custom. I couldn’t say we haven’t been in the place as it is frequently used to get from street to river level. Here is a blog entry when I cared for J.A.’s.