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This is gross. I’m not travelling on trains until this man is caught and his bottom is wiped clean. Dirty bastard!

Train defecator

This is a CCTV image of the man in question. The police have warned the public not to approach the man if they see him but to call them or alert train staff immediately.


By 6pm today I have had over 100 visitors coming to this post obviously looking for info on the now infamous train defecator. I wish I could tell you more. Meanwhile, if you have the stomach for gross sounds I point you to the current top ten at

Update 2

The phantom pooer, one Bonney Eberndu, has been found, according to News Shopper:

A MAN accused of causing more than £20,000 damage by defecating on trains has been remanded in custody.

Bonney Eberndu, aged 36, of no fixed address, appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court earlier today.

Eberndu was arrested on Wednesday at Camberwell Green bus garage, in connection with 22 incidents of criminal damage on trains across south east London since August.

He is due to reappear at the same court on November 2.

The BBC has a few more details about the arrest and Google News will keep you updated on Bonney’s future.


My dad’s donkey had a baby. Currently it’s name is Raa Raa.

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Poor old John. He couldn’t cope being on his own after the death of his friend the same morning. By early evening John past away and Simon laid him to rest in our front garden, under a rock. I shall miss him dearly.

Unfortunately, one of Simon’s goldfish has died, and the remaining fish is now lonely and soon gonna die itself by the looks of it. Out of respect and by the wish of Harriet, Simon buried the fish in the front garden under a stone, rather the flushing it down the loo.

I’ll get a snap of the remaining goldfish (sorry, I’ve forgotten their names) before it snuffs it.