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Monthly Archives: September 2004

Durham is starting to come alive now that students are
returning. We went to a Chase and then to Walkabout
where Aziz was getting funky:

and Suzy was participating is some weird Italian
back-to-back dancing:


Today I have not even left the house. I had delusions about going to the gym but it’s a 5 minute cycle away!

I watched half of Farenheit 9/11 which doesn’t paint a pretty picture of George Bush but I don’t think anyone needs a film to tell them Bush is not fit to run the US.

I’ve done nothing much today just as in this picture a long time ago.

FreeMarker: An open alternative to JSP

This is an old article. Has JSP caught up by truly separating the model and view? I shall investigate.

According to Yahoo’s Birthday greeting, William the Conqueror invaded England to claim the English throne on this day, year 1066. Here’s some other births, deaths and events that happened on September 28th.

Thanks to everyone who sent me a birthday card by the way.

Went to the City for a pub meal (thanks Aziz) and then later we met up with Lydia and Susy for some drinks in Jimmy Allens. Thanks for not letting me be a loner on my birthday guys!

By the wonders of picture messaging here’s a pic from my brother of my nephew.

Cycling through the back lanes of Durham again I found one wall remaining of what I expect was the old barn shown on the map.

Can you tell I have not been up to much today?

Music: The Cure (Eponymous)

Aziz thought it’d be a good day to show me round Newcastle so off we went at about 2pm. Soon we wished we hadn’t bothered as we hit traffic presumably caused by the Newcastle vs West Brom game. Then add to this the Great North Mile race where Kelly Holmes was the star of the moment yet again.

Anyway we made it. Then headed straight to Ali Barbar’s, a persian restaurant in the city centre for my first meal of the day. To drink, we each had a Doogh, a popular soft-drink in Iran. I can’t remember the name of my main course but it was a lamb stew with lentils, split-peas, fried potatoes and onions on a bed of saffron rice. Then to finish off we had some Iranian tea – you can find a pic of Aziz and his tea here.

Scattered around the pavements of Newcastle are words carved into stone. Here’s one that’s worth a pic.

The past is my present to your future.

I thought it appropriate for the first photo to be of Durham City. I’m already making exceptions to the rule that each blog would feature a photo capturing the spirit of that day. Today is nearly over, in fact it’s now tomorrow (you work it out) and I didn’t take any photos today (umm, yesterday) so here’s one from Monday just gone.

Durham City

On Monday I went to collect my new phone from Royal Mail’s depot. On my return journey I got my A-Z street atlas and found a countryfied route back home. Much better. No traffic, no people, wind in my hair (too bloody windy!), a great view, and a long downward sloping hill that was made for cycling.