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Monthly Archives: August 2006

Tuesday last week Radiohead were in town, with Beck in support. We arrived at the stadium just as Beck began playing Loser. The first time I saw Beck perform was when he supported Radiohead at South Park, Oxford. It was just him and his guitar. He’s a good artist but I don’t think his songs work with just him. His voice isn’t the best in the world. I’m happy to report that this time, here in Edinburgh, he had his full band plus a puppet version of the band. The puppets certainly added something to the performance. But this was nothing compared to…

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I’ve worked out that I’m spending far too much on bills, specifically the money spent on telecoms. Here’s what I spend so far:

Company Average amount per month
BT £11.00
Freedom2Surf £24.99
Vonage £7.99
T-Mobile £25.00

That’s a total of £69 per month! Far too much I say.

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Last night I was a tad bored so styled my blog. It still needs some work regarding colour choices, banner size, etc… but it looks good enough. Someone mentioned that the blog is too dark now, but I think I like it black rather than white. Perhaps, over time, I’ll introduce colour back into the blog. It’s good to start of from a base though and there’s no rush. Who really cares?

One recommendation I received was to add a left and right border to break away from the black. I’ll think I’ll do this right now just after I’ll tell you about my day so far.

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This video may get taken down shortly as Microsoft agreed to never put it out into the public domain. An employee must have leaked it. At the time of writing, YouTube had removed the same video from their site.

This morning, Steinunn took the bus to Glasgow Airport and flew to Iceland to see her friends and family. On Saturday she’s going to the wedding of a close friend. I’m sure she’ll spend some time relaxing in The Blue Lagoon. I can’t wait to go there one day.

These are good though don’t be duped into thinking because they come in a large bag you get a good portion. Before I knew it I had munched my way through the entire bag of spicy lemon grass flavoured crackers. I was relieved to read on the packet that the weight was 60 grams, only 10 grams more than a packet of Nobby’s or McCoy’s crisps.

Right now, Zoe and Jen are driving northwards, from London to Edinburgh. They set off from Surbition at around 10am this morning. At 17:30 they were stuck on the M6 somewhere near to Stoke-on-Trent. I believe the screenshot of a map taken from the AA Roadwatch website may explain their slow progress:

Zoe and Jen's Route to Edinburgh

Oh dear! I promise to save them some Shepherd’s Pie.

Paul G is an old friend from Chessington. He and his wife, Paula, have started up Gallucci’s World, showing off the new addition to the family. Little Reuben’s face in this pic is exactly the same as his dad used to pull intentionally when in his teens. I’m guessing that Paul still pulls this face. Let’s see it soon. Keep the updates coming Paul and Paula!

Paul and Reuben