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Monthly Archives: January 2008

This evening Alan & Tracy, Marc & Linda and Steinunn and I are off to The Comedy Store first night of residence at the Rose Theatre. After years of funding problems, The Rose Theatre finally opened this January and is the venue of tonight’s show. The Comedy Store’s band of comedian will pile into the theatre every last Sunday of the month. The line-up tonight is:


The time I spend reading books has gone up a zillion percent since moving to London. This is because my commuting time has gone up an awful lot. I spend an hour travelling to work and one more getting back in the evening. That means 2 hours reading time a day.

The latest book I read was The Kite Runner. I wanted to finish it before it disappeared from the cinema and I think I’m just in time. It was an emotional read and a book I’d definitely recommend to anyone who doesn’t know much about Afghanistan (like me). Easy to read, hard to swallow content based on real events, centering on a story about a troubled, young boy who is a right little scumbag who realises his place in the world much later on in adulthood.

Rating: 10/10.