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On Wednesday evening I met up with Sam and Robbie, a couple of ex-housemates from Norwich. James was in town for work and a mate of his was playing in a band at The Metro too. Unfortunately, the band his mate was in was the worst of the night for me. Perfectly bland, safe music. Sorry James.

The other three bands were all very good and I’d recommend them all if I could remember their names. King of Spain were the last band on and I would certainly go see them again. They have an album out on March 31st and I may just buy it.

Another song you should buy is Alex Cornish’s track Untied. It’s out tomorrow on iTunes. I wouldn’t usually recommend iTunes but it’s not available on 7digital. Alex hopes to get into the charts by the end of the week. Best of luck!


Right now, Zoe and Jen are driving northwards, from London to Edinburgh. They set off from Surbition at around 10am this morning. At 17:30 they were stuck on the M6 somewhere near to Stoke-on-Trent. I believe the screenshot of a map taken from the AA Roadwatch website may explain their slow progress:

Zoe and Jen's Route to Edinburgh

Oh dear! I promise to save them some Shepherd’s Pie.

Paul G is an old friend from Chessington. He and his wife, Paula, have started up Gallucci’s World, showing off the new addition to the family. Little Reuben’s face in this pic is exactly the same as his dad used to pull intentionally when in his teens. I’m guessing that Paul still pulls this face. Let’s see it soon. Keep the updates coming Paul and Paula!

Paul and Reuben

I know Lee doesn’t read this blog. In fact, he doesn’t read. So it is safe to let you know that Lee, this weekend being his stag do, will be dressing up as an attractive lady. He doesn’t know this of course. We are, or Marc is, going to steal his luggage and the rest of us are going to present him with the clothes we’ve lovingly bought him. There’s been no coordination between any of us except for determining who is acquiring particular clothes items. I, I have got this lovely little red number. It feels very nice against the skin. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. Hahahahahahaha. As Royksopp sing, ‘Poor Leee, no!’

Their big day finally arrived and everything went to plan. The church service was filled with joy and lots and lots of singing, even the best man sung ‘You’ve got a friend in me’ from Toy Story instead of the traditional wedding march organ song. Here they are walking down the ailse:

and Paul getting confettied:

Congratulations to both of them! They’re off for a two week honeymoon in the Gambia.